Administer Governance and Compliance!

By Maik van der Gaag December 16, 2022

The Dutch Cloud Meetup is organizing sessions for Cloud Takeaways. Cloud Takeaways is an event that is organized multiple times a year with great content on the Microsoft Cloud. Each event will be one session by acknowledged speakers within the Microsoft community. For December we have one session:

C J Okpala

Microsoft Azure MVP

Skills: Advanced working knowledge of streaming data in real-time, big-data analytics, hosting massive-scale datawarehouses with Redshift, machine learning/AI and system interface management. Also cloud-based SAAS/IAAS/PAAS integration & API management, data modeling and data warehousing. With programming skills in Python, SQL and Java. Great desire to get targeted goals within a defined time frame. I have the ability to work individually as well as in a team environment.

Interest: A challenging role in cloud, big data analytics using Apache Spark & Hadoop,machine learning AI/Machine Learning and system architecture & design. More so data integration,cloud automation with Python, CI/CD using Ansible and Docker.

Hobbies: Playing soccer, Researching, Reading and being with friends. Languages: Proficiency in English and Dutch


Governance provides mechanisms and processes to control your applications and resources in Azure. Governance involves determining your requirements, planning your initiatives, and setting strategic priorities. To effectively apply your governance strategies, you must first create a hierarchical structure for your organizational environment. This structure lets you apply governance strategies exactly where they’re needed. The governance strategies we cover in this module are Azure policy and resource tags. Authentication and authorization work together to help you manage your corporate identities and ensure strong protection for your organization. With these technologies, you can:

  • Control access to your organization and corporates resources
  • Store corporate passwords and secrets in a secure manner
  • Integrate your identity solution for users and applications into Azure AD

Further, we will explore the monitoring solutions available in Azure. We assess Azure Monitor and its features, such as Application Insights and Azure Monitor Logs (Log Analytics), to analyze infrastructure, application performance, and availability.