An evening on working with cloud infrastructure

By Maik van der Gaag May 19, 2020

It is time to deliver on our promise to have an evening on containers! This evening we will have an online meetup where Brian Veltman and Sudesh Jethoe will share their experiences working with container platforms in AWS and Azure.

This MeetUp will be held online using Microsoft Teams and the link to join will be posted here roughly 30 minutes before we start.

The program:

19:00 - 19:05 : Welcome and sorting out connectivity issues

19:05 - 19:55 : Sudesh Jethoe - Moving from a traditional on-premises environment to the public cloud

19:55 - 20:00 : Bio-and-drinks break

20:00 - 20:45 : Brian Veltman - A-B-C Cloud migration strategies for AWS

In the first session of this evening, Sudesh will tell us how moving from a traditional on-premises environment to the public cloud poses many challenges for large companies. Although booting up your first VM’s is easy, making sure that your public cloud resources are safe and compliant is where the complexity comes in.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provides tools and guidance for managing this complexity and recently published a version of the framework as consumable “infra as code” landing zones using Hashicorp’s Terraform.

In this talk Sudesh will provide insight in the potential benefits of using CAF for your organization and how these benefits are realized using Terraform.

About Sudesh: Sudesh is a freelance Cloud Platform Architect helping companies of all sizes realize the benefits of public cloud. Sudesh has designed and built a variety of platforms for automation, monitoring and containers at companies like IBM and ING. He holds a Masters degree in Systems and Network Engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect.

Next up is Brian Veltman. Brian will tell us about a migration to the cloud he has performed for a customer. He will tell us about different strategies they explored and how they made the transition in the end. While doing so, he will also teach us a thing or two about containers on AWS.

About Brian: Brian has roughly 10 years of AWS EC2 experience and has been managing AWS Cloud assets since the launch of S3 back in 2006. After provisioning thousands of VM’s and networks Brian sold his hosting company to pursue new challenges within the enterprise domain. Designing and supporting cloud migration strategies for various SaaS providers across the Netherlands.