An evening on Infrastructure as Code

This evening, we will be back with the first Dutch Cloud MeetUp of 2023! The theme for this evening will be Infrastructure as Code. In other words: We will have a showdown between Bicep and TerraForm! And, as this is in person, there will be a welcome with food and drinks, provided by our sponsor Brink Software. 18:00 - 18:45 : Dinner + Welcome 18:45 - 18:50 : Welcome 18:50 - 19:35 : 1st Session - Barbara Forbes: Infra as Code: Bicep for the enterprise

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An evening on Serverless and Bicep

First sessions of the season will take place on the 21th of September and will be an in-person event. 18:00 - 18:45: Dinner + Welcome 18:45 - 18:50: Welcome 18:50 - 19:35: 1st Session - Oscar van Tol Azure Functions in .NET 5 and beyond In November of 2020 .NET 5 got released, the promise of “one-dotnet”. The ‘core’ addition has been dropped and Full Framework evolution has stopped at the 4.

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