An evening on Identity (authentication and authorization)

By Maik van der Gaag November 10, 2020

This evening we have our second event of the season. This evening we will focus on authenticating and authorizing both systems and users when writing cloud software.

The program for this evening:

19:30-19:35: Welcome and sorting out connectivity issues

19:35-20:20: First speaker: Christos Matskas - Introduction to Microsoft Identity for developers

20:30-21:45: Second speaker: Hendrik Wouters - App authentication with Auth0

Introduction to Microsoft Identity for developers

If you ever had to deal with identity within your solutions then this is the session for you. Join mes to find out how to implement authentication and authorization for your applications using the Microsoft Identity platform. Iwill show you how to use our libraries with your favorite language to quickly connect to Azure Active Directory and authenticate your users in a few, basic steps. Get ready for demos and examples the highlight how the Microsoft Identity Platform allows you to create scalable and secure applications that run everywhere

About Christos:

Christos Matskas is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft that works on the exciting space of developer evangelism for application development using the Microsoft Identity platform.

Twitter: (@ChristosMatskas )

App authentication with Auth0

Which modern cloud application doesn’t need authentication? For most organizations, authentication and managing user identities is not their core business. However, if something goes wrong, it can affect their core business very badly. And yes, there are many things that can go wrong with authentication. Fortunately, not all developers need to be experts in authentication. We can rely on third party identity services, who