An evening on IoT

By Maik van der Gaag November 23, 2021

This evening, we will be back for the second Dutch Cloud MeetUp of this season!

19:00 - 19:10: Word of welcome

19:10 - 19:55: Michiel van Schaik - Azure IoT Introduction

20:10 - 20:55: Frank van Houten - Migrating toAzure Digital Twins V2

Michiel van Schaik - Azure IoT Introduction This session will introduce you to the Internet of Things capabilities of the Azure Cloud Platform. We will look into the overall design of an IoT solution in Azure and dive into the specific Azure IoT Services and capabilities, like IoT Hub, IoT Edge, IoT Central and Digital Twins.

Frank van Houten - Migrating to Azure Digital Twins V2 In this session, we dive into the world of Azure and IoT. Back in 2018, Microsoft launched a new IoT service called Azure Digital Twins. Our development team used this service as the core of our own IoT platform, but in 2020 Microsoft announced that the service would be discontinued and a successor would be released. However, no out-of-the-box migration could be done; the newer version was completely incompatible with the old offering.

We take a look at the challenges, complications, drama, and victories that come with replacing the most vital, most critical, core piece of architecture in our IoT platform.