Should developers care about Azure Cost?

By Maik van der Gaag March 22, 2022

The Dutch Cloud Meetup is organizing sessions for Cloud Takeaways. Cloud Takeaways is an event that is organized multiple times a year with great content on the Microsoft Cloud.

Each event will be one session by acknowledged speakers within the Microsoft community. For March we have a speaker: Steef-Jan Wiggers.

Steef-Jan is a Microsoft Azure MVP, blogger, author, and frequent public speaker. He has over 20 years of experience as a technical lead developer and application architect, specializing in custom applications, enterprise application integration, Web services, and Microsoft Azure. Steef-Jan has faced integration and cloud challenges in a diverse range of industries. He has done architecting, designing, developing, mentoring, and supporting sophisticated and innovative software using many different Microsoft technologies and products.

Session: Should developers care about Azure Cost?

The days of prepurchasing a large amount of infrastructure are gone. Instead, in the Cloud, we deal with buying small resources units at a low cost. Developers have the freedom to provision resources and deploy their apps. At a click of a button or line of code, they can spend company money. Moreover, they do not need to go through any procurement process.

Should they be aware of the running costs of their apps and belonging infrastructure? Or worry about SKU’s, dimensioning, and unattended resources?

In this session, we will find the answers for that, what mindset is required, tools Azure and other cloud providers provide, and the trend with cloud cost management, also known as ‘FinOps.’