Design for costs, four pillars of economic cloud design

By Maik van der Gaag January 27, 2023

The Dutch Cloud Meetup is organizing sessions for Cloud Takeaways. Cloud Takeaways is an event that is organized multiple times a year with great content on the Microsoft Cloud. Each event will be one session by acknowledged speakers within the Microsoft community. For the first sessions of 2023 we will have two speakers

Twan Koot

Lead performance engineer & Codesmith

Hi! My name is Twan Koot and I’m 29 years old from The Netherlands. I’m a performance engineer who’s passion lies in creating and improving software to achieve high performing applications. I believe in a no nonsense testing approach in which quality should be number one. Apart from working on complex IT environments I like to drive my motorcycle and play videogames.

Michiel Hamers

Microsoft (Azure) Cloud solution Lead & Codesmith

Hi, my name is Michiel Hamers, 44 years old, and from The Netherlands. I am a (Azure) cloud specialist and I like to work on complex applications in the cloud.

Some statistics: I’m since 2002 a Microsoft Certified Professional and since 2021 a Microsoft Certified Trainer. As a often asked speaker you can have already see one of my sessions at: SharePoint Saturday, MCT Summit, Code&Comedy SDN Days, FutureTech, MS TechDays, etc.

Besides that I support CoderDojo as a teacher who teaches kids (8-18) the basics of code. And sometimes I go out for a 5K run.


Developers are being exposed to things like FinOps or a massive Azure bill. So let’s start incorporating costs into our cloud design to make the best performance solution and the most economical solution! In 2022 we see that security by design is common sense, why not incorporate the financial aspect. In this session we will share our thoughts on maintaining grip on your cloud bill & maintaining high performance. By incorporating our four pillars of economic cloud design you are able to design cost efficient and high performant cloud solutions. We will of course also explain “Zero User Costs” and “Geo Efficiency” so you can start today.